electron microscope aphid image

aphid on leaf
  1. Insect Control by Host Plant Resistance (ENTO 409/809): Offered odd years of Spring semester for resident students and even years of Summer semester as an online distance education course.

    This graduate-level course (cross-listed for seniors) is designed to understand the innate defense mechanisms used by plants to defend themselves, role of resistant (R) genes, signaling pathways and biotechnology in plant resistance to insects, and assess current research on plant resistance genes and “omic” approaches to understand the insect interactions with host plants.

  2. Chemical Ecology of Insect-Plant Interactions (ENTO 835): Offered even years of Spring semester for resident students.

    This course focuses on direct and indirect plant defenses against herbivory, tritrophic interactions among plant, insect herbivores and herbivore natural enemies, biochemical mechanisms of plant defenses, insect herbivore-produced elicitors of plant defenses, and chemical ecology of insect vectors of plant diseases.